Psychosocial aspects of pain
Parcours : Joint Master in Neurosciences

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  • Travail étudiant (TE) 12h

Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Enseignement proposé : en présentiel enrichi de ressources pédagogiques numériques

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

The course will aim to explain from biopsychosocial perspective the study of pain and models of intervention considering clinical and well-being perspective. To achieve this objective, an introduction will be made regarding psychology, emotions, culture and experience in the influence on the perception and definition of pain. In this way we will achieve an integrated understanding of the experience of pain in human beings.The course will be composed of two parts: the first one will deal with the general basic concepts associated with perception and behavior, and the second one will integrate these concepts into the clinical practice.

Compétences à acquérir

Identify the models that explain the perception and behavior of pain in human beings through an integrated approach ;
Manage clinical pain management concepts from a biopsychosocial perspective ;
Understand the psychological factors in the perception of pain; personality, culture, gender ;
Analyze a case study of adult patients with chronic pain from a clinical integrative perspective


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Iris Chabrier-Trinkler

Parcours : Joint Master in Neurosciences

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